Basic first aid allows you to quickly determine a person's physical condition and the correct course of treatment.

This module is one in the series of safety modules to prepare employees and students for crisis situations and responses.  Managing stress and maintaining calm is essential during events.  This module offers suggestions for maintaining calm during a crisis.

After Lockdown, the protocol for releasing classrooms is done by first responders, not by school officials.  This module is a clarification of that process.

Employees in the field of education work with a variety of stakeholders (students, parents, colleagues, community members, etc.).  There may be times when interactions between the employee and other stakeholders escalates into a potentially volatile situation.   During these times de-escalation techniques may be used to help us through the situation.  This module is designed to help our employees develop de-escalation strategies as part of your professional toolbox. We hope you find these techniques valuable.

Shelter in place is the response to multiple situations in which it has been determined that staff and students will be safest in the school.  These situations may be high wind/tornado, hazmat, inclement weather, or bomb threat.

Self defense techniques to prevent and how to react in an attack.
A new concept in response to an active shooter is the run-Hide-Fight response. The format for the concept is the business environment, but it gives us response techniques for every venue in our schools.

Often the observable indicators that an individual is hiding a gun, knife or other weapon go undetected. Campus personnel who recognize these physical behaviors will have the information they need to prevent a planned assault.